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*When given the option to purchase a large quantity of solar panels from several solar companies, EYONGPV is a brand you can rely on. Our solar panels are manufactured with the highest quality Sunpower cells, allowing for maximum efficiency, power and functionality.

*Designed with efficiency in mind, our solar panels maximize your investment. Our focus on exceptional quality provides you with noticeable results. We aim to tackle many of the internal and scientific factors that affect solar efficiency, such as reflectance efficiency. EYONGPV solar panels improve reflectance efficiency, reducing the amount of sunlight bounced off and being put to use. When deciding between EYONGPV and other solar panel providers, we believe our products will go above simply meeting your expectations and exceed them.**

*Aside from these, our solar cell is from SunPower, there's a special announcement from SunPower, that cell is regarding Traceability of their own polysilicon material for IBC Cells (Hemlock / Whacker), the letter saying none of their suppliers or suppliers' suppliers for IBC cells are from XinJiang.**

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