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3W Custom Glass Solar Panel

  • Powerful Power Output : Made of Grade A Monocrystalline solar cells with much higher efficiency that make sure more stable and durable
  • Super light permeability and firmness: Be used low iron and ultra-white 3.2mm tempered glass as the surface, better absorption of sunlight and stronger resistance to external forces.
  • Excellent weak light performance: Excellent performance under low light environments (mornings, evenings, rainy and cloudy days)
  • Widely Application: This kind of solar panel application field is particularly wide, such as Solar lawn lamps, Solar wall lamps, Solar floor tile lamps, Solar trafic light, Solar charger, Solar christmas lamps, Solar airplanes, Solar toys, solar buoys and so on.
  • Customizable design: We can customize any Power, Voltage, Dimension, Frame thickness, Feature, Connector, Cable length, Processing method and so on that base on customers` requirement.
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